'69 Javelin Facilitates Wife-Swapping

This ad, though entertaining, is a little puzzling. Was AMC trying to convince potential Javelin buyers that the cars would be as common as seeds in a typical 1969 lid of reefer? Or that they'd make it easier for married couples to do a little mixing and matching, Kenosha Key Party Style? Sadly, the Javelin never sold well enough to settle that question; all we can say is we'd want ours with the 315-horse 390 and, of course, the four-speed.

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And to think that just two years later, AMC would put a shittily-assembled Javelin AMX into their press fleet, whose right rear axle snapped (with wheel & brake drum coming off) while Joe Oldham & company were testing it for "High Performance CARS Magazine"...which Joe wrote about in his magazine (& in his new book "Muscle Car Confidential: Confesisons Of A Muscle Car test Driver").

After the article appeared in the magazine, AMC's CEO called Joe up & ranted at him for eight minutes, banning him from any future AMC press event. (That chapter of the book is one that'll get you ROTFL'ing!)