A woman out in Sierra Foothills, California recently dealt with the death of her husband. And while that's an unspeakably tragic event, she's using it as an opportunity to do something she's probably dreamed about for years: unload all of his Alfa Romeo project cars and parts.

The way she's going about it, with this post over at Alfa Bulletin Board, shows that she means business, too.

Short story; Owner died, widow wants gone. Widow understands alfaholism is a disease and widow is nobody's fool. Don't bring your stories. Don't bring b.s. Bring trailer. Bring cash. Happy shopping.

Well, okay then. I love the term "alfaholism," I'll have to start using that. Here's what she has to offer:

(1) Complete 1969 1750 GTV, Complete drive-line is out and on a stand. Currently has webers. Also available for sale; disassembled 2.0 block with liners, pistons, rods, one ready for rebuild head, European cams whatever that means, Spica intake, bearing shells, fuel pumps, filters, fans, radiators, bits and pieces. (no crank with the 2.0 engine). Also; used Spica pump, rebuilt Spica pump, rebuilt oil pump(s), valve shims in the tiered box, multiple ignitions, Panasport rims, master cylinders, interior trim, exterior trim, new 1750 liners and pistons in the box, numerous air boxes, and more. So much more.

(2) 1972 Berlina runner 2.0. Two tone finish; faded red and worn out white. 3 extra doors, extra hood, new(er) seats, backlight, electrical parts, trim, miscellaneous. Oh god, the miscellaneous. My man swore this was going to be the best Berlina ever; fog lights, driving lights, ralley lights, the toe bone of Nino Franchini in an amulet hanging from the rear view mirror. Yea, baby. Awesome.

(3) 1994 164LS 3.0 24v. Clean looking daily driver with state of the fart electrical problems (idiot lights, error code du jour, rough idle) New front suspension arms, ball joints, sway bushings, all in the trunk ready for installation. Also; power rack and pinion core and one spare rim, like new. He had his reasons.

All his Alfa Porn: Books, Digests, Owners Club Notes, Receipts, badges, die cast toys, patches, embroidered socks, hoodies, hats, oh heaven help me who was this man I married.

All sold As Is, Where Is.

I'll give her credit for this: When it comes to these cars and parts, she really knows her stuff. Maybe she was a partner in working on them all those years; maybe she just absorbed a ton of knowledge from her husband because that was all the guy ever talked about.


Whatever the case, I'm sorry for your loss, ma'am, and I hope someone can give these Alfa goodies a nice new home. Any takers out there?

Hat tip to Mara!