Having General Motors and Peugeot-Citroën in one bed is great news, but it doesn't mean that America will get French cars any time soon. It sucks and we still haven't gotten over it.

Yes, French cars are a bit insane, but they are also very innovative, and their styling is so unique it makes your eyes water.
The Citroën DS3 is no exception.

After selling over 200,000 units all over the world in less than three years, Citroën has now introduced the open-top version. Thanks to the framed canvas roof style made popular by the original Cinquecento, the body needed less strengthening at the rear to stay rigid, so it's only 55 pounds heavier than the hatchback. The DS3 Cabrio also has a significantly larger trunk than the Fiat 500C or the MINI Convertible. And it looks better.

So the DS3 Cabrio seems to be a lot of fun, and a product I could totally imagine on today's American roads. How about you? Would you like some royale with cheese?

Photo credit: Citroën