America needs a new Transportation Secretary now that Ray LaHood is gone. Jalopnik readers have selected ten candidates perfect for the job.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!


We need someone with experience. We need someone who understands the technical aspects of road and automobile design. We need someone who has gone over 200 miles an hour.

We need someone who knows there is more to motorsports than Nascar. We need someone who knows what it means to have a life-threatening accident behind the wheel. We need someone who can put a Senator in the passenger seat of a Ferrari and scare the living crap out of them. That's how you get bills passed in the Department of Transportation.

We need a fellow gearhead.

If you think there's anyone we left off this list, let us know in Kinja below. If there are any policies you think these ten candidates should enact, let us know as well.

Photo Credit: GM, Vinoth Chandar

10.) The Stig

We kind of like the idea of a transportation secretary who can't talk. Some say he's the original tea partier...

Suggested By: I love you but I've chosen hooning, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

9.) Jeremy Clarkson

Hogging the left lane? Clarkson's trained snipers on every overpass will take out your tires.

Suggested By: eNZo288, Photo Credit: Getty Images

8.) Mike Kojima

We need someone with perspective and technical knowledge. Reader Spikejnz explains why Kojima is the right man for the job.

Mike Kojima — because former editor of Turbo!, Import Tuner and Sport Compact Car magazines. He's currently an editor over at MotoIQ, where he works with many brilliant car nerds (i.e. Dave Coleman) to bring us interesting, highly-technical, relevant, and detailed articles about anything car related. Want to know how to build a Hayabusa-powered Miata? They can show you...

In addition to his editing prowess, he's also a former engineer for TRD and Nissan, and occasionally acts as a consultant for race teams to help them properly dial in their suspension setups. He currently works as a chassis engineer for Daijiro Yoshihara (Formula DRIFT) and Falken Motorsports.

Suggested By: Spikejnz, Photo Credit: Mike Kojima

7.) Ralph Gilles

We need a bureaucrat who doesn't take any typical Washington BS. As we've seen, Ralph Gilles knows when you're full of shit. Also, he's familiar with working for the Government.


Suggested By: Viperfan1, Photo Credit:

6.) John Davis

The man behind MotorWeek is the greatest living American. That's reason enough. Also, we're fairly sure he's driven every car ever made.

Suggested By: RufusMacblorf, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

5.) Kenny Blizzock

We don't even care if Kensington P. Blockensohn can enact any good policies. We just want him to be in the authority to shut down entire highways and cities to make the ultimate Gymkhana vid. We have a few location suggestions.

Suggested By: bigfish13.jf, Photo Credit: Ken Block

4.) Elon Musk

We welcome a future where our highways are lined with powerdicks.

Suggested By: Astonman1985, Photo Credit: Getty Images

3.) Michael Knight

Who is more acquainted with in-car technology than anyone else? Who understands how to regulate talking cars? Who has experience with high-speed driving, and cutting through law enforcement red tape? Mr. Knight Rider, that's who.

Suggested By: Jarrod Holland, Photo Credit: Knight Rider/NBC viaInflux Magazine

2.) Bob Lutz

The Hooniverse already confirmed this appointment, and we can all look forward to pushups outside of DOT offices at oh- five hundred hours every morning, right after Lutz flies to work on his jet fighter.

Suggested By: wheeeeee12, Photo Credit: Ed Loh

1.) Sir Jackie Stewart

Only one man has a real understanding of speed and promoting safety. It's Sir Jackie Stewart. He fought to make F1 less deadly against opposition from team owners, race organizers, and even his fellow drivers. He's our man for a safer, faster America.

Suggested By: racermd, Photo Credit: Getty Images