When we showed you this year's Audi "Bravery" Super Bowl Ad there was no reference to the nerdy lead character assaulting the prom queen, because it's clear to me from viewing the ad a few times that the prom queen doesn't react in a way that makes me think the creator of the commercial wants us to view her as being attacked.

Surprised? Sure. But how do we know they don't secretly like one another and he hasn't, up until this point, been brave enough to act on it? That seems like a more likely scenario than, you know, Audi wants us to think buying their car makes you brave enough to go around forcing your sloppy teen kisses on anyone you like.

Twitter, of course, disagrees.

Various people on Twitter (both men and women) have reacted to it as if it was a type of assault and you can't argue that she consents because she clearly doesn't. Here's what they're saying:

Not everyone agrees:

But I think these responses are probably more accurate:

Seriously, you probably shouldn't pull this one the first time your dad throws you the key to his car. Even if it's a Lamborghini. What does everyone think? Assault? Sexual Assault? Innocent?