Toyota will bring a convertible Scion FR-S concept to the Geneva Motor Show in March. A Miata with rear seats? We're listening Toyota.

A light rear-wheel drive roadster is just what we need, and luckily Toyota has decided to give us one. The open-top FR-S/GT86 will join the Geneva crowd in March, where the Japanese will note every reaction it has on the public for future development. We will be very supportive.

You'll notice the Toyobaru comes with something its closest rival — the beloved Mazda Miata — doesn't have: rear seats. Granted, if they're like the rear seats in the Scion FR-S they're mostly just the suggestions of seats and not something full-sized human beings would enjoy. Still, even the suggestion of more storage is an improvement.


Let's just hope they aren't planing to tease us with it as long as they did with the coupe

The Toyota stand will also have a "fun and emission-free" Morgan Three-Wheeler called i-Road. Just when you thought Apple and BMW has the trademark for everything starting with the letter "i". They say it's the efficient urban transport for two people, but it looks more like a toy.

For people with much more traditional needs, Toyota will also bring the production-ready Auris Touring Sports which will be built in the UK, and have an optional hybrid drivetrain as well. We say sporty wagons are always welcome.

The fourth generation of the RAV4 SUV will also have its European premier in Geneva, where it will be joined by two special design studies, the RAV4 Premium and RAV4 Adventure.

Yeah. So how about just giving us the open-top FR-S as soon as possible?

Photo credit: Toyota