When Travis got the keys to a C63 AMG last summer, he did not complain about the lack of power coming from that 6.2-litre AMG V8. Even for us, 481 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque usually does the job. Then came the Black Series with 510 horses and 457 lb-ft of twist, and a price tag of $125,000.

The problem (besides not having $125,000) was they only made 800 units, meaning some poor wealthy costumers had to make due with a "normal" version. Sulk no more Uncle Moneybacs, AMG has a new offer for those looking for more power from their C-Class.


The C63 AMG "Edition 507" uses pretty much the same recipe as the Black Series. The engine gets forged pistons, new connecting rods and a lightweight crankshaft from the SLS AMG, saving 6.6 pounds on the moving inner parts. That results in 507 horsepower and 450 ft-lb attacking the 255/30 rear tires. If you want a really wild ride before AMG goes all-wheel drive, this is your ticket.

The aluminium bonnet got two holes in order to help cool the massive engine, which also comes with titanium grey-painted variable intake manifold to make sure you remember what's under the hood. Pretty much everything else comes in black including the mirror housings, the surrounds on the radiator grille and daytime driving lights. Even the headlamps get darkened for the ultimate evil look. The 360mm (front) brakes are composite as standard, but the sporty AMG suspension remains an extra, just like the rear axle locking differential, which sounds like something Mercedes should give with the base package in a car with this much power.


On the inside, the black tie (and shirt) party continues with Alcantara and black designo leather everywhere. In case you really want to sit in the middle of a black hole, piano lacquer and carbon fibre trims are also available. Silver switches, dials and the grippy aluminum pedals give it a little shine. As always, you have the seven-speed automatic's flappy pedals.

The Edition 507 will show its angry face at the Geneva Motor Show in a month. Expect more details after we're finished posing next to it.

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz