While they were certainly nowhere near the 200 mph mark, Hoon of the day could just as well go to BMW Classic this time, who brought multiple motorcycle world champion and touring car champion Johnny Cecotto to the ninth Historic Ice Trophy accompanied by his son, the promising Venezuelan talent who you might know already.

Most people go to Austria for some casual skiing at this time of the year, but not this father and son duo. They aimed for another way of sliding around practiced in Altenmarkt, a competition that is open for classics and youngtimers up to model year 1993.

Florian Moser, BMW's history expert joined the party with a 1969 2002 TI works rally car, and the three gentleman ran against the other teams who dared to participate in the six-hour long race, which was only held for the second time this year. The 2002 TI won the 1971 Rally Poland and the 1971 European Rally Championship with Sobieslaw Zasada at the wheel, but its 190 horses were only enough for the second place in the "up to 1972" class this time. Still, staying in the top ten overall is not bad for a four-banger from the sixties.

I just love how that bended number plate commemorates the action...

Photo credit: BMW