The Nissan GT-R was the ultimate bargain supercar when it hit the USA. A 2008 GT-R had a sticker price of just $69,850.

Six years later, and the price has jumped $30,000. That's a little nuts.

Sure, the original car was less well equipped than the new car. It also had 65 less horsepower; The 2014 model has 545 ponies.

The GT-R started life as the cheapest supercar bargain you could get. It was a a steal. It's no longer a steal, or even a bargain. It finally seems like Nissan is pricing the car based on how it performs. I'm not saying it isn't a fair price, but I much preferred the GT-R when it felt like it was attainable.

Now it seems to be another supercar pipe dream that I won't be able to get my hands on. That's what hurts.

Photo Credit: Nissan