Hollywood loves to disguise Budapest by adding a few extra Ladas parked on the streets, with fake communist monuments in the background and blue street signs everywhere to make it look like Moscow. Since it's a much nicer experience to shoot a movie here than over in Russia, that's exactly what they did once again last year for A Good Day To Die Hard — the latest film in the John McLane-attracts-danger franchise.

They also brought Bruce Willis along and a Dartz Kombat stunt car for a bit of extra destruction. As it turns out, Mercedes-Benz provided the punching bags.

I must say we had a lot of fun during A Good Day To Die Hard filming. Most of the action took place in the city center, some even as close as a five minute walk from Gawker's Budapest office.


Naturally, camera phones were recording the behind the scene action day and night from the windows above, while the press was following Bruce Willis and his family everywhere in hope of a little interaction. His wife said she loved being here, which is always nice to hear. The road closures and diversions were a bit annoying of course, but Hungarians like Die Hard just as much as anybody else, so the city has forgiven the bald cop from NYC.

After a few month of blowing up our streets, Bruce Willis and his friends packed up. Before our favourite bold action hero left, he shot a commercial quickly for Sky with a cameraman friend of mine, who even managed to get a joke out of the guy. Job well done!


Now, 20th Century Fox has sent out a few pictures from the set, showing who payed the bill in Budapest. Mercedes product placement in a Die Hard movie? We'd have expected him to drive Panthers everywhere. We have to wait to see how happy Bruce will look in the movie while driving that Unimog. Looks like he had fun until he rolled it.

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox