Good designs are able to stand up to the worst kinds of abuse. And you can trust bored and imaginative car drivers to dish out the worst abuse imaginable.

Remember, commuters are the people who figured out how to read while driving, eat soup while driving, and have sex while driving. When our readers saw Hyundai's Xbox Kinect-style 3D controls, they wondered how commuters will end up perverting the system.

The first, and mildest potential misuse came from moonwilson.

I just got back from Korea again, and half the people in that country are straight-up watching movies on their nav systems while driving around. Almost everyone has a big ol' 8" or so screen in the car now, so it's quite nice. I didn't personally witness anyone slamming into anyone else while doing this, but I can't imagine that it doesn't happen with some frequency. Put a Kinect in the car and you'll see people playing Fruit Ninja while driving almost immediately. Fact.

Raytheater took it a step further.

Coming soon to your Hyundai car, interactive porn. The technology will be named splash screen.

I actually really prefer the idea of Kinect-style controls to the current trend of touch screens, but I can't support any idea that can't withstand some very critical analysis. So put the idea to the test — what do you think is the most perverse thing people will end up doing in their next-generation Hyundais?