Okay, Jalops — prepare to set your faces to stunned.

This clip comes to us from the helmet cam of a motorcycle rider in Stellenbosch, South Africa who has a close call with a Honda Fit that looks like it made him slow down and reevaluate his life choices a little bit. It starts with him ripping through Hellshoogte Pass in what I would consider an assholish manner, blasting past cars, weaving from lane to lane and generally treating the public road like it's a racetrack. Generally not cool, bro.


But the close call comes around 1:15 in when he nearly collides with a Fit that's a little bit outside his lane. Now, the Fit should have stayed in his lane, but when you're riding like that, you can't always avoid hazards in time. This guy was extremely lucky, and you can watch him slow down after it happens. He seems pretty freaked out.

That's why you take it to the track, friend.

Hat tip to Real Dexta