Alternadriver and wheel destruction fetishist Ken Block's renaming his Monster World Rally Team the Hooningan Racing Division and moving the company into a new HQ in Park City, Utah constructed of recycled shipping containers and designed to look like the set of a '90s Nickelodeon sports-themed game show. In a good way.

Do you have the GUTS to tour Ken Block's LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN GUTS DARE HOONSPLOSION? There's a bear.


Block will keep Monster Energy, Ford, DC Shoes, and his other sponsors under his re-christened team, as should be clear as you poke through the photos of his latest creation. Warning, it'll make wherever you work seem tame and beige by comparison.

The most obvious feature of the building, besides the blue-on-green walls, is the shipping container construction. It looks like the warehouse you'd build if you were 16 and Sultan of Brunei scion wealthy, albeit with more interesting taste.

Here's how KB describes it in a release:

"Having been involved with the leasing and building of office space for other companies like DC Shoes, I wanted to avoid the inflexibility of constructing a space made of lumber and sheetrock walls," said Ken Block. "Using recycled shipping containers as the building blocks for the Hoonigan Racing Division headquarters is not only more environmentally friendly, but it gives us the flexibility to add more infrastructure and the ability to pack the entire facility onto trucks if we ever needed to relocate. It also provides a unique element to work with that is visually stunning and really adds to the creative environment of the space. I honestly could not be more stoked on the finished product."

The office portion of the 12,000 square-foot facility is currently the most interesting, with details like a race shop, Monster Energy vending machine, sub-stairway Mattrack storage, themed ping pong table, and a damn stuffed bear.

The more important half of the shop for gearheads is the workshop where they'll service whatever they're hooning that week. Block said he wants the "feel and functionality of a World Rally Championship-level facility like M-Sport or Prodrive."


A lofty goal, although they may not be able to keep it quite as clean as it looks now.