Chrysler's insanely innovative limited-production Turbine Car turns 50 this year, and while it never caught on, it remains one of the coolest experiments in automotive history.

So what better way for Chrysler to honor it than by transforming a 300S sedan into a tribute to the Turbine Car with a working turbine engine?


I'm sorry, wait. I meant to say without a working turbine engine. Whoops. Sorry for the slip up.

Yes, Chrysler decided to honor one of the most amazing cars they've ever built by giving a boring V6-powered 300S a matte orange paint job that somewhat resembles the original Turbine Car from 1963. And while it lacks the torque-tastic turbine from the original car that could run on everything from diesel fuel to booze, it does have "turbine-shaped" alloy wheels.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm super enthused about this. Where can I sign up?