If your dad BUILDS you a car, the least you could do is hold down a simple 9to5 to make the old man happy. Of course, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Hollow Kitty Miata is no ordinary car, but will its price have you thinking about making it part of your family?

You remember the kiddy fable about the ugly duckling eventually turning into a smoking hot and kinda' douchie about it swan? Yeah, well no problem of that happening to yesterday's adult-aged and angular Alfa Romeo Milano Gold, but at least a solid 78% of you still thought its price looked pretty good.

Looks are important, especially if you're a teenage girl. Almost as import to that drama-filled species is a doting father who will do damn near anything to either make them happy, or at the very least to put an end to the bacchanalia of whines that is the inevitable result of their not getting their way.

The seller of this Pepto pink first generation MX5 Miata is walking a fine line down that path having first rebuilt this car for his daughter's enjoyment, only to then dump it on Craigslist when she couldn't manage to so much as hold down a job in its support. The twist? The daughter is Lindsay Lohan. By M. Night Shyamalan.


Okay, not really, but day-um gurrrrlfriend, this poor little Miata has been Hello Kitty'd up its pink puckered wazoo. Using all caps to denote his exasperation, dad notes that he rebuilt the car to be safe, and to last, as any responsible father would. Owing to its color scheme and profusion of decals, his intentions probably also included making it fairly theft resistant as well.

There's what's described as a crate motor under the hood, although I somehow imagine that instead of a crate the new mill arrived in a Malibu Barbie lunchbox. It is a 5-speed so props to the pops for teaching his offspring how to three pedal. That drivetrain is claimed to only have 15K on it, a number that kind of makes you wonder where exactly it used to reside and what exactly it did for a living.


Although the seller seems to be alternatively dad of the year and the biggest jerk his kid has ever seen, he doesn't quite get the whole presenting your car in the best light approach to sales, as all the images in the ad were taken on what Snoopy would describe as a dark and stormy night. Perhaps, along with the ALL CAPS, the pix in the ad were snapped in a pique of anger at his daughter's failure to help our national unemployment rate dip below 7 per cent. He also hilariously calls the car a Hollow Kitty, but I figure that's just an amazing manifestation of auto correct.

Whatever, here we have what appears to be a freshly painted and ready to rock stockpot of a pop-up head lamp Miata, and who doesn't love those? Sure, if you're a dude the car's paint and Japanese gato decals may require balls visible from orbit in order to drive it without a hint of irony, or maybe assless chaps.

But what if you too have a daughter - a princess who is the light of your life and for whom you would move heaven and earth, and potentially snuff competing cheerleaders - what then?

Well, if that's the case, then you have my sympathies. There is nothing more insanity-making than a teenaged girl, but one way to keep them from driving you to drink is to buy them something to drive. In this case that would set you back $3,000, a fair price for one's sanity, but of open conjecture when it comes to the value of this unique Mazda.

What do you think about three grand for this Hollow Kitty Miata, is that a price that speaks to your inner Veruca Salt? Or, does that price make you think MX5 buyers Miata keep looking?

You decide!

Orange County CA (figures) Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Squid for the hookup

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