If you're married, getting a new car often requires a conversation with the significant other. On rare occasions that conversation can lead to the purchase of a car.

But other times it can result in a crazy challenge. Now one man needs our help to get a new Subaru. Let's get to it.


Randy Puderbaugh Jr's wife issued him a challenge: Get one million likes and one thousand rude comments on a picture on Facebook, and he can buy a new STI this year. It's a noble cause.

Puderbaugh posted his photo to Subaru's Facebook page earlier today, and it's already doing incredibly well. It has 15,000+ comments, a number of which appear to be vicious insults about Puderbaugh. He's probably well past 1,000 people telling him he's fat and ugly, even though he isn't really either. Just look at that smile!

Where he needs our help is on the whole one million likes thing. Take a look at his picture and give him a like here. Then hopefully he'll get the new Subaru he craves so badly.

Also, in a similar category, a Swedish boy that looks like Macaulay Culkin wants a Nissan GT-R. His father, who appears to be That 70s Show's Red Forman, told him he needed 100,000 likes to get a GT-R. I assume he also called him a dumbass.

He's two thirds of the way there.

This one is less of a joint decision and more of a boy nagging his father. So not as noble a cause.

Help Puderbaugh first.

Hat Tips to Alaa and Jo!