After a pretty long hiatus, Top Gear returns to British TVs, American's illegal downloads, and pirated YouTube clips this Sunday. It will be on American TVs a week later, if you can wait that long.

I'm pretty damn excited. Now the BBC has announced what will be in the first episode:

  • Jeremy tries to make a car smaller than the Peel P50. That's what the robotic Dr. Who-esque thing that we showed you a few weeks ago was all about.
  • James takes the Bentley Continental GT Speed off road for a little bit of rally action.
  • Richard is on the track with the Pagani Huayra. We're betting they all make fun of how it's pronounced and spelled.
  • Damian Lewis will do the whole Kia C apostrophe D star in a reasonably priced car bit.

Sounds like a pretty solid start to the season, although there are other challenges that I'm looking forward to more. Let us know your level of excitement below.