I don't go snowboarding because I don't like the cold. Or snow. Or running headfirst into trees. Or halfpipes.

But some folks in "England," which I hear is a foreign country, enjoy the snow. So why not invent a new type of snowboarding that involves a supercar and a nearly 100 percent chance of injury? Some enterprising chaps "across the pond" have done just that.


The new sport is a spin on the classic "tow your friend behind a truck in the snow and stop when he crashes into a guardrail." Except this time it involves putting a tow rope behind an Audi R8 and then driving over snow and ice in a parking lot while dragging that friend behind. It actually looks like a shit ton of fun.

They keep the speeds low, but it seems like the sort of thing that can only result in a lot of laughs. And a broken femur.

(Hat Tip to Louis!)