We give Florida a lot of shit around here, mainly because they seem to have the market cornered on vehicle-related redneck shenanigans. But when it comes to the televised police chase, there's one state in this great union of ours who does it better than anyone: California.

Running from the cops, and being shown on TV doing it, is basically the national sport of California. You see it even when you're trying to watch CNN or FOX News to learn about the debt ceiling or whatever — then some elated anchorperson cuts in and says "We now bring you live footage of an ongoing police chase..."


Nine times out of ten, I guarantee you that sentence will end in "...in Los Angeles." The criminals love doing it, the local TV news love filming it, and the cops love getting in on it.

And sometimes, even the residents find themselves in on the action. Take this fellow from Inglewood, who is diligently filming a police chase he sees on TV. Then it shows up in his neighborhood, directly in front of his hotel room.

It's all fun and games until the stop sticks come out.

Hat tip to Steph!