Earlier today, we provided the Guangzhou Automobile Group with some suggestions on how to fit into the North American market even quicker. Basically, hiring one man to be a proofreader would be a great step in that direction.

But then again, maybe GAC is using nonsensical words because that's all Europe, Japan, and America has been doing with cars for years. Reader erikgrad explains:

Dear P. George,

Look, foolish American... we simply looked at your automakers, saw them using words like OnStar, CUE Infotainment, MyFord Touch with Sync, Uconnect, EcoBoost, EcoTec, IntelliLink, etc, and immediately realized you eat that nonsensical word bullshit up all day long, so we wrote all of our features that way.

PS - Sackbut means 'lumbar seats with defined gluteus support'.

The Chinese

He makes a good point. Maybe if we want the Chinese car makers to call things what they actually are, the rest of the world needs to start first.