This year's Detroit Auto Show was the Golden Corral of car shows; a giant spread of Asian, European, and American offerings designed to offer something at least palatable to nearly everyone in attendance. And when we say everyone, we honestly and truly mean every single person on planet Earth.

From the rebirth of an American icon to executives speaking with strange holograms, from a high performance sexy German hatchback to new Chinese cars based on old Italian ones, not even the strictest palate couldn't at least find something to begrudgingly swallow.

With all the excitement over the last few days you may have missed out something great or, at least, something terrible enough to be amusing.

Have no fear. Here's are all the stories from Detroit 2013 you need inside you.

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The New Corvette Stingray: Everything You Need To Know

Tired of hearing about the new Corvette Stingray yet? Didn't think so. Major redesigns for the Corvette come so rarely you could have been born when the last one debuted and be allowed to legally drive today. More »

2014 Audi RS7: Someone Please Buy My Unneeded Organs

Audi just dropped the 2014 RS7 on us here at the Detroit Auto Show. I'm now trying to figure out how I can afford one.


In the last 20 minutes, I've considered befriending an older woman to leave me her fortune when she dies, robbing a K-Mart, and even becoming a man version of a lady of the night. But then I figured out just what I needed to do. More »

2014 Infiniti Q50: The G37 Is Now Brought To You By The Letter Q

Infiniti is getting rid of random letters across their range and replacing them all with the letter Q for 2014 so people aren't confused anymore.

Can the new Q succeed and beat the 3-series at its own game? More »

2014 Cadillac ELR: This Is What Happens When A Volt And An ATS Get Dirty

I really like the Chevy Volt. I really like the Cadillac ATS. I've tried to force them to mate on my own, but the results have been quite lackluster.


That's why I'm happy that General Motors took it into their own hand and created the Cadillac ELR, probably so I'd stop destroying their press cars. More »

A Guide To Stingray Sex For Your Corvette Metaphor Use

We now know that the new Corvette is going to be called a Stingray, in a nice nod to Corvettes past. They've even got a nice little stingray badge on the side there, and the steering wheel center has a stingray motif center. More »

VW CrossBlue Concept: Screw You, We're Making A Diesel Hybrid SUV Out Of A Golf

Volkswagen is a hulking automaton of a carmaker at this point. Want proof? They're showing off a seven seat SUV based on the same platform as the Golf. And they're making it a diesel-electric hybrid. More »

The Ford Atlas Concept Is The 2015 F-150

If you woke up from a bender in Ford's press event this morning, you'd have seen a large scaffold full of buff men in construction outfits spraying showers of welding sparks and pounding large hammers into girders with rippling muscles glistening with sweat....More »

The Acura NSX Concept Is The Acura We Really Care About

Acura's marketing VP Mike Accavitti this morning said that the Acura MDX Prototype is "the star of the show today" for his brand. With all due respect to Mike, I'll have to disagree.

Acura's real star is the latest iteration of the NSX Concept they unveiled today. Damn it's hot. More »

Shelby Ford Focus ST: Where Is The Tire-Murdering Horsepower?

The Detroit Auto Show is always a lot of fun, but in this era of spy photos and leaks, there aren't many real surprises. One huge exception we encountered here was this, the Shelby Ford Focus ST covered in a bright orange tarp just outside the media center. For days we've been wondering what kind of magical mysteries were hidden underneath that tarp. More »

I Kissed A 2014 Lexus IS And I Liked It

I am a Lexus hater. Much as I like the original LS400, everything else they make just seems so willfully bland, inoffensive, and characterless. And then there's this new 2014 IS, and…and I think I like it.More »

Photo Credit: Getty Images