As he showed off the refreshed Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Compass this morning (but not the new Jeep Liberty, which I really hope will stay as just a jacked up Alfa Romeo Giulieta because I'd totally fucking buy that), Jeep CEO and president Mike Manley made a surprising admission: Jeep now cares about the vehicles they make. Well, that's good news!


As he was touting the benefits of the new six-speed automatic transmission in the Compass and Patriot, Manley said Jeep used to come out with a new car, fail to give it any updates over a six year period, and then "let it die a slow death in our showrooms. That is no longer the case."

It must be true, considering all the new features on the updated Grand Cherokee, like a torque-tacular new diesel engine. Glad you guys have finally started caring, Jeep. We certainly paid for it.