Today BMW officially unveiled the car formerly known as the 3-Series coupe, and it looks even better in person than it did in the photos. Behold the BMW 4 Series. Pricks never had it so good.

Older 3-Series coupes have always looked like sedans with two doors chopped off, but this one is a proper coupe with some wonderfully smooth lines. You'll notice that this new 4 has a similar grille and headlamp design as its four-door brother. It looks even better here.


But it's a big ‘ol coupe – make no mistake about that. Forget the compact dimensions of the old E36 and E46 coupes. This one is more like a baby 6-Series, having grown about two inches wider and longer from the outgoing E92 3-Series coupe. Those who want something a bit smaller will have to wait on the upcoming 2-Series.

Presumably, there will be an M version at some point. Does M4 have the same panache to it that M3 does? Admittedly, it doesn't roll off the tongue as smoothly, but I think its owners will be too busy driving fast and looking great.