When Mercedes brought out its not-too-big SUV/Crossover, people went apeshit for it. Here's the Lincoln MKC, the brand's attempt to catch the same market.

For a few days before the Detroit Auto Show, we've known that the new Lincoln looks pretty good. It's a tall-boy crossover, but it at least has handsome detailing. The grill isn't a gaping maw, the greenhouse is clean, and the single taillight strip is sharp. The design's worst offense is that there's cheap-looking black plastic on the front and sides. Not a good look, especially for a concept.


Since this thing is going to be based on a Ford Escape, we wouldn't be surprised to find the same batch of engines and transmissions in the MKC. We actually really liked the Escape's 1.6 liter Ecoboost when we first drove that car, but we'd expect to find a 2.0 liter Ecoboost or a hybrid drivetrain in this.

So while Mercedes gets away with the GLK, which is just C-Class on stilts, the question is if Lincoln will get away with this prettier version of the Escape. Given how Americans love crossovers more than they love their first-born children, we think this MKC will have a good chance at success.


Hey, if Lincoln makes enough of these things, maybe they'll have enough money for a real flagship Continental or something. Then people might actually get excited about Lincoln.