We're mere hours away from the live reveal of the new Corvette, and it's all anyone can talk about on the Internet and in real life.

In fact, your Jalopnik staff was talking to one another in real life here in Detroit when we started rattling off the most outlandish Corvette predictions we could think of on Twitter. And then you all chimed in with some amazingly bad (and hilarious) predictions of your own as the #CorvettePredictions hashtag spread like wildfire.


We've been showing off tidbits of the C7 'Vette for months now, but what if everything we've seen is totally wrong? Maybe it will be a mid-engined straight eight with KERS as one of you suggested, or that it will be fueled by leopard tears, as our own Travis Okulski seems to think.

So here are some of all the best Corvette predictions, from us and from all of you. Keep them coming on Twitter with that sexy #CorvettePredictions hashtag.