The 2014 Corvette is debuting at 7 EST this evening. If you hadn't heard, this is something we're all excited about.

We've already seen the front and rear of the car, but we haven't seen the pornography that lies under the skin. Until now.

Before the show floor gets inundated with journalists tomorrow morning, the final touches are being put on all of the show stands. The Chevy stand, as you can see below, is gonna be pretty Corvette heavy.

Chevrolet is putting the final touches on the show stand, and this picture that was sent to us from someone on the floor purportedly shows the chassis of the much anticipated C7 Corvette. There isn't all that much we can discern from it.


From what we can tell, it doesn't look all that different from the C6 chassis. We'll have all the juicy details on the brand new Vette later tonight.

(Hat Tip to an anonymous iPhone wielding photomeister!)