Imagine 400 horsepower, 1,000 pound V8 racecars running a quarter mile dirt track, indoors. This is the Chili Bowl, and it's unbelievable. Here's why nobody even had a chance to watch it.

What you're watching is the top moment from the nationals race the weekend before last, which is sort of like the Indy 500 for indoor midget racing. The guy to watch is #71, Kyle Larson. He's a 20 year old Japanese-American from Elk Grove, California (a short drive from where I grew up, so I'm biased) and he is the underdog here. The two cars he's up against are Kevin and Sammy Swindell, who have dominated the Chili Bowl for years now.


Just watch the clip and see how Larson goes up against his more established rivals and manages to find a faster line around the outside. These cars are coming out of corners on three wheels, inches apart, inches from the wall. It's unreal.

Of course none of this was broadcast on TV, and the online video comes from fans. Since the Chili Bowl is the biggest indoor midget race, SPEED got the rights to broadcast it, but since the race is so low on their totem pole, SPEED isn't airing the broadcast until February. It's bizarre.

If you didn't know about the Chili Bowl before, you should be a fan by now.