Toyota brought ten models to this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, including two racecars, four FR-S/GT86 concepts, two rebodied JDM cars and two racecar wannabes.

The grey car above is one of the latter from GRMN, the tuning and customization arm of Gazoo Racing. They call it the Sports FR Concept Platinum, and while it's a supercharged and turbocharged GT86, it pretty much looks like a mark IV Supra to us. Toyota, you're not fooling anyone!

Here are the rest of the concepts from Toyota.

The Salon starts today, so if you happen to be around, check it out!

GRMN Yaris Turbo Concept

It's a three-door Australian-spec' Yaris with a turbocharged 1.5-litre engine producing 148 horsepower and 151 pound feet of torque.

Aqua and Mark X Specials from G Sports

The Aqua is a hybrid hatchback based on the Prius that went on sale last year. Thanks to G Sports, it got re-tuned suspension and body reinforcing braces to improve its handling, together with the usual styling bits you would expect from a car like this.

The Mark X is also a JDM sedan that got a lightweight carbon roof which makes it almost as good as a BMW M5.

86 concepts: 86 x style Cb, 86 Modellista, 86 TRD Griffon and TOM'S N086V

No more details so far, but we expect turbochargers and superchargers everywhere, wrapped in a lightened body. We'll take the Griffon, thank you very much.

Gazoo Racing's LFA and GT86

Gazoo Racing will be back at the Nürburgring 24 Hours race this year for the seventh time since 2007, which is great because we can't wait for the LFA to get dirty again.