Not to be outdone by Volkswagen, Toyota is slated to sell a nerdy car of its own: a Toyota Auris customized in the image of Gundam character Char Aznable.

The car was first shown last summer as a concept vehicle. At that time, Toyota said the car would go into production, provided there's demand. Apparently there is enough interest, and, according to website Response, Toyota is aiming to offer the Char emblazoned Auris RS this year in Japan, with all sorts of Gundam accents and details.


Details about pricing for this customized car are forthcoming. In the meantime, have a look at these photos from Japanese site Car Watch Impress.

Gundam, being an decades old franchise, has its share of older fans—who presumably have some cash to spend. Hardcore fans might purchase this for second car kicks. Heroes will buy it as their only vehicle.

トヨタ、シャア専用オーリスを発売へ…ジオンと新会社設立 [Response]

トヨタ、「シャア専用オーリス CONCEPT MS-186H-CA」の新プロジェクト [Car Watch Impress]

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