A fire has reportedly started inside a Japan Air Lines Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is currently at Boston's Logan Airport.

The fire is supposedly in the belly of the aircraft.

Reports are saying that it is an electrical fire that has erupted on the plane.

Fire crews are still working on the cargo hold of the plane, according to @JHall7News:

UPDATE: Fox Boston has video from the scene. Fire does not appear to be massive.

UPDATE: It sounds like the fire has been put out and there were no passengers on the plane at the time.

We're also hearing that batteries may have been the cause of the fire:

UPDATE: This is how the fire was discovered:

UPDATE: The Dreamliner has had a bad month...

The 787 is Boeing's latest and greatest plane. It is also the first airplane to be totally made out of carbon fiber and the first with dimming electrochromatic windows.

The long gestation period of the 787 had been riddled with production delays.