Oldsmobile did a lot of work on the 1990 Trofeo in order to close the credibility gap to its rivals in more ways than one.

It's a foot longer than the 1989 car, because, as we all know, bigger is better. It's the Sears Tower or Donald Trump of cars. And you can tell from the opulence inside. The Trofeo has a CRT touchscreen in the dash for the audio and HVAC that I'm sure never ever broke.


The four speed automatic transmission is connected to GM's workhorse 3800 V6. As astonishing 165 horsepower and 210 pound feet of torque rocket this Olds off the line to 60 in just 9.1 seconds and runs the quarter mile in 17 seconds at 81 MPH. John Davis says this is adequate acceleration. It sure is!

But quit taking my word for it, watch as the Trofeo glides through the slalom as if it were a ship in an Atlantic Hurricane.

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