What if there was a way that we could bring harmony to the world, and all we needed was a bunch of high-power 4x4 drag racers? We think we know how.

Today we learned about the balls-to-the-wall sand drag racing at Moreeb Dune in the UAE and it's filled with compact trucks with turbos the size of watermelons. Seeing the cars tear up huge clouds of sand at every launch looks like violence personified, but Dolemite thinks it could bring peace.

If only rednecks knew they had Arab counterparts, maybe we could all just get along.

See? We don't need more tanks and missiles and drones in the Middle East, we need more turbo 4x4 drag racers! Invite them to run in the South, and then send American sand drag racers over there. High-horsepower goodwill missions may just be our best shot at world harmony.

Does it sound crazy to you? Hey man, give horsepower a chance.

Photo Credit: Sub-Zero Motorsports