It's 2013 now! Doesn't that sound so futuristic to you guys? We'll be the age of flying cars, time machines and laser weapons before you know it. Nothing will be boring in this insanely high-tech age we're about to enter — not even our roads.

At least, that's what the Dutch artists at Studio Roosegaarde have in mind for us. Their plans for roadways include solar powered, glow-in-the dark lane lines, lanes that use magnetic fields to charge electric cars, and "dynamic paint" that transforms as road and weather conditions change, according to Salon.


These are more than just ideas. They're currently in the prototype stage. How does it all work? According to Studio Roosegaarde's website, glow-in-the-dark roads are treated with a "foto-luminizing powder" that charges during the day and lights up at night for up to 10 hours. They also use what they call "Dynamic Paint," which only becomes visible in certain weather conditions, like ice crystals that only become visible on the road when it's cold outside to warn people of the danger, they say.

Sounds like crazy talk that will never see the light of day, right? Wrong. The dynamic paint and glowing road concepts will be put to use later this year on roadways in Holland, Popular Science reported. As for some of their more out-there ideas — like roads that use magnetic fields to charge your car — I can only assume that's a ways off yet.

Where we're going, we may not need roads. But if we do, at least they'll be illuminated.


What do you think of their ideas? Would you like to see them in your neck of the woods?

Photos credit Studio Roosegaarde

Hat tip to Ilya!