Going to the body shop is never really a pleasant experience. Most of the time it's because your car has been damaged and you need to get it fixed. But at the end of the ordeal you expect to have a car that's up to snuff and ready to hit the road.

Or you could take your car to Nicholas Johnson in Port Richey, FL and he'll fix it with PlayDoh — yes, the stuff we all made fake poop out of as kids — instead of Bondo.


Detectives say that Johnson used "PlayDoh and wax" to fix damaged cars that were entrusted to him and then took the money and ran. PlayDoh is perfectly acceptable when doing bodywork on a Hot Wheels or a PowerWheels that got a little dinged up at the $2 lemonade stand, but not for a real car.

Johnson was arrested on charges of retail theft and scheming to defraud. He should also be getting a pat on the back for finding a new use for PlayDoh.

(Hat Tip to Sean!)

Photo Credit: michael pollock via flickr