The Lamborghini Reventon is one of the rarest cars to ever come out of the Lamborghini factory. It is also one of the wildest looking cars ever made.

Lamborghini also made 15 examples without a top in addition to the 20 coupes. These Reventon Roadsters are the ultimate fighter jets for the road. Literally. They're designed to look like an F22 Raptor.


But because of the rarity pretty much nobody has gotten a chance to drive one flat out.

That's why it's amazing that an owner of an Reventon Roadster (one of three with right hand drive) loaned it to The BHP Project for them to flog on a British runway at nearly top speed.

If the looks of the car don't make you weak in the knees then the sound will surely make you have a crisis.

(Hat Tip to GF Williams!)