Just three weeks after the new E-Class sedan and the estate came to light, Mercedes-Benz also presented the coupe and convertible members of the family. First thoughts? Well, after calling the sedan dull, I'm happy to say that the two-door/chopped roof treatment made the refreshed design look quite a lot better. They just have to keep at it and make a E63 AMG Coupe, and everybody will be happy. Except for the polar bears. Sorry.

In terms of technology, the equipment is very similar to what we already knew. Yes, you get (partial) LED lights as standard, naturally, but more importantly also a 360-degree camera, which will show you what even LEDs couldn't from a bird's-eye view. The Collision Prevention Assist, the intelligent radar-based system is also part of the safety package to make sure you don't break those freakin' LEDs.


The cabriolet comes with an "acoustic soft top" with front and rear wind deflectors that automatically deploy in order to keep cabin noise levels as low as possible even at high speed cruising. It also responds to the number of occupants, reducing interior turbulence tolerable even in the back.

The interior features a two-piece trim with lots of leather surrounding the analogue clock in the middle of the dash, and a 7 inch display for all your entertainment.

The coupe and the convertible won't get a four banger, so the two options remain what they already offer with the current generation: the 3.5 V6 with 302 hp (with optional four-wheel drive available in the coupe), or the 4.6 biturbo V8 for a hundred extra horses and 443 lb ft of torque.


The cars in the gallery are all equipped with the AMG Sportpack, so forget the the hood ornament.