Just like how people try to have the first baby of the New Year, other people try to get recognized for having the first Ferrari to explode on its own.

This year, the honor goes to a poor Russian owner, who had his Ferrari combust on the evening of New Year's Day. More amazing is that footage of the accident wasn't captured on a nearby dashcam of a Russian driver.

Apparently, the first sign was a loud bang which bystanders thought were fireworks. But then the witnesses looked out the window to see a Ferrari F430 engulfed in flames. This isn't the first time an F430 has burned down either.

And by the time firefighters arrived, the Ferrari had also severely burned a nearby Chevrolet. Why the firefighters took that long to arrive — the station is less than 1/2 mile away — makes no sense.


For now, what we have is almost definitely the first Ferrari to set itself on fire of 2013. We're also confident it isn't the last one of 2013.

(Hat Tip to Yerzhan!)