According to my market research, the demand for graphic shirts with clever little sayings and pictures on them is still at a record high.

But one of the niches in that industry that hasn't been filled is a clever graphic t-shirt for gearheads. Well, fear no more friends, enemies, readers, and lovers, I have stumbled upon something excellent on the internets.


This little website called blipshift sells one design of t-shirt a day week until they're sold out. Then they don't offer them again. And the best part, the shirts aren't lame, they're actually really clever. The one that caught my eye had Colin Chapman's famous (and now kind of overused) saying "simplify and add lightness" and a picture of a Lotus 7 on it.

I bought two immediately.

Today's shirt is a picture of Han Solo wearing a Hans Device, making him Hans Solo. I want to buy that one too. THIS SHIT IS GOLD.


I can't tell you how they fit, because I haven't gotten it yet. I just thought it was cool and I like sharing things with you people.