Earlier today, I was on the "Facebook" (it's an internet website) and saw some images that folks were clamoring over and saying it was the new 2014 Corvette everyone's dying to see.

As I don't have to tell you, we have been talking about the C7 'Vette for more than a year and are pretty well versed on the subject.


So while the image on "Facebook" looks like a brandidly new Corvette-areeno, it's a rendering. It's actually the same rendering that Car and Driver ran on the cover of its January 2013 issue and illustrations a certain car blog — which will remain nameless — ran in 2011.

Sorry to burst your bubble Facebook nation, but we're here to help!

It's close, but it isn't the real thing. We'll have to wait until 1/13/13, or somebody leaks the real images, to see the C7 that Beyonce will get her booty all over.