I don't know about you folks, but when I go on vacation, I prefer to lie on a beach with waves lapping at my feet. A frosty beverage of a refreshing adult nature might also be involved.

What I don't want is the possibility of gun or mortar fire hitting me, or really being anywhere near an active warzone.


And that's what separates me from awesomely named Japanese truck driver and tourist Toshifumi Fujimoto. Instead of lying on the sands at a Beaches Resort in Barbados, Fujimoto is in Syria. For those of you that don't keep up on current events, there is a war in Syria right now.

Fujimoto shoots photos and video and dodges bullets while wearing full camo. He says he "likes the danger zone" and that it's "exciting." Can't really deny him there, although I guess nobody ever told him that boogie boarding is also a lot of fun. This also smacks of disaster tourism in the worst way.

Check out video of Fujimoto on the frontlines here.

(Hat Tip to @fieldproducer!)