There's more to Instagram than just blurry pictures of food and hipsters. It's filled with strange, cool pictures of cars, too. You just have to know the right place to search.

The blog AutoNeuroticFixation is where we first saw the idea, and it summed up the premise of looking for cool, weird car pictures on Instagram or Statigram pretty well.

It's not all photos of dogs, fedora'd beardies, neon Wayfarer knock-offs and steaming bowls of pho — some hipsters like cars, too. I spent the last few minutes over at Statigram perusing under a handful of tags like #AW11, #4AGE, #Tatra, #512TR and #Corvair and came across dozens of cool, lo-fi snaps so crap they're somehow good.

It's such a good idea I'm a little ashamed I never thought to do it before. I've just been following a few of our car blogger friends like bzrong and tamerlaneblog for good car shots on my Instagram feed, but this is a clear step up.


What other hashtags should we search for? Show us the best pictures you can find, or link to the best car shooters to follow on Instagram in Kinja below.

Photo Credits: classiccarspotting, hayd8, entesanto, purplestilskin, bettythebutton