In the late '80s and early '90s, Mazda was dumping cash into cars like BP dumped oil into the Gulf of Mexico, so the FD RX-7 was a twin-turbo near-supercar. For one tuning company, its performance still wasn't enough.

Peter Farrell Supercars was set up by the badass New Zelander racecar driver and builder Peter Farrell. He made a 360 horsepower street version of their RX-7 race car and somehow Motorweek got to test it.


The inimitable John Davis tells us the car has adjustable shocks, progressive rate springs, stiffer sway bars, racing brakes, as well as new wheels and tires. And whoa! Check out that programmable engine management computer! That's cutting edge 1993 technology right there.

But don't let my inane blathering keep you from enjoying the significantly more enjoyable blathering of John Davis. Just watch the damn video.

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