Full-time gin-soaked British flamethrower and occasional Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is known for his strong opinions about nearly everything. He has no filter, and when he feels like he's been wronged in some way he reacts by venting his spleen, pancreas, liver, lungs, and whatever organs he has left in the direction of the person he blames for his troubles.

Thus, it is a shitty morning to work for American Airlines social media. He's called for a boycott and he's called for their heads.


Clarkson had alluded to being in Miami earlier this week, only to say he left because he didn't want to be in the same country as Piers Morgan. Either he was on a connecting flight or he's still there, but whatever's happened his wife's bag didn't make it all the way and Twitter had to hear about it, including various real (don't fly AA) and we think joking (Taken-style murder, Mid East peace) threats.

The American Airlines Twitter account doesn't address customer service complaints (another reason not to fly AA), so he's mostly screaming into the wilderness.

UPDATE: An American Airlines spokesperson sent us this note:

Their Twitter page explicitly says they do not address customer service issues via Twitter, but since they're trying we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. A spokesperson also confirmed that Jeremy retrieved his wife's bag.