If Jalopnik readers could have any ten cars on sale in 2012, this would be their $2,412,141 Christmas wish list.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Since we're restricted to just ten cars, we had to make some compromises. There are half a dozen supercars we drool over that just didn't fit on the list, and the same could be said for hot hatchbacks (Golf GTD anyone?) and muscle wagons.

We think you know our love for the CTS-V wagon, so we made room for another high-power longroof.

Our adoration for the McLaren 12C Spider is well documented, too, but if there was one supercar we could get our hands on, it wouldn't come from the hyper-clean factory in Woking.

Still, remind us in Kinja below of the fantastic, beautiful, utterly lust-worthy 2012 models that we forgot.

Photo Credit: Otis Blank

10.) Ford Mustang Boss 302

If there was one pony car we'd want from 2012, it'd be the handling-focused Boss 302. We love ourselves a bajillion-horsepower Camaro, but it's the Boss that we want most of all.

Suggested By: $kaycog, Photo Credit: Ben_in_London

9.) BMW M135i

While we would do inappropriate things to own a powerslide-happy 1M, our current crush is one the significantly hatchback-ier M135i. Seriously, this is a rear-drive, inline-six hot hatchback. Other than the fact that it looks like an M Coupe crossed with a stunted guppy, what's not to like?

Suggested By: One_Leaf_Short, Photo Credit: BMW

8.) Hindustan Ambassador

We have a thing for Indian cars. We also have a thing for vintage cars. Luckily for us, in India you can still buy a vintage car brand new, like the 2012 Hindustan Ambassador Classic. Yes it's based on a 1948 Morris Oxford, but that's why we like it. Simple, cute, wonderful. It also costs less than $9,000.

Suggested By: ranwhenparked , Photo Credit: kenjonbro

7.) Ford Focus ST

If there was one hot hatchback we'd buy here in the US rather than just pine for that forbidden BMW, it'd be the Focus ST. Even rear wheel drive loyalist Bill Caswell liked it.

Suggested By: dapper_other, Photo Credit: Dave Pinter

6.) Audi RS4 Avant

Moving right back into lusting after cars that will almost certainly never go on sale here in the US of A, we have the Audi RS4 Avant. We could care less that an AMG estate could be better to drive, just look at the Audi. Awesome. Also, it has all-weather credibility that its rivals can't match.

Suggested By: Automatch, Photo Credit: Romain Drapri

5.) Dodge SRT Viper

It's the purest sports car on sale that doesn't have a Porsche badge. While some tracktards may prefer Porkers, we have a thing for 640 horsepower, 8.4 liter V10s. Consequently, we want a Viper.

Suggested By: Leadbull, Photo Credit: Chrysler

4.) 2012 FPV Falcon GT

It's a 5.0 Boss-powered rear-drive muscle sedan. Holy crap do we want one. We'd have to go down to Australia to buy one of these Ford Performance Vehicle masterpieces, but the sound of that V8 shredding tires would be worth it alone.

Suggested By: Astonman1985, Photo Credit: Ford

3.) Morgan Three-Wheeler

It's a burnout machine. It's the coolest looking car in the world right now. It's the best car you can buy for $36,000. The Morgan Three-Wheeler does everything you expect of a car wrong, and somehow it reminds us of everything we love about cars.

Suggested By: Sir Ramblin Rover, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

2.) Pagani Huayra

While we're not entirely convinced that the twin-turbo Pagani is more fun to drive than the little Morgan, but that doesn't mean we don't drool over the Huayra like some giggling 11-year-old. The interior is bonkers, the engine is a monster, and even though it has the performance envelope of a Veyron, it's still rear wheel drive.

Suggested By: rustymx5, Photo Credit: Otis Blank

1.) The Toyobaru Twins

If there was a new car from 2012 we'd want in our real-world garage, it'd be one of the Toyobaru twins. An FR-S, a BRZ — they are the light, fun sports coupes we've been lusting after for years and they're finally here. We'd be fools not to go for one.

Suggested By: Apollon, Photo Credit: Aurimas