We've known for some time a Mercedes-Benz CLA compact sedan was coming, and we've had hints it would be as stylish as its larger counterpart, the CLS. These first leaked photos cut a far more gorgeous form than we'd imagined.

Small is beautiful.

The tiniest Mercedes sedan you can buy in the U.S. right now is the C-Class, while the rest of the world has been able to enjoy more compact offerings like the A-Class and B-Class. Fine transportation for mainly Europeans, but not cars that would necessarily find big audiences here.


Therefore, they've created a sweeping, almost coupe-like design for the next generation A-Class sedan we expect they're debuting in America as early as next year. They've also changed the name to CLA as not to create any confusion (CLS is big, CLA is small, is a CLE coming?) in their lineup.

Since these are leaked photos there's little in the way of details, so just enjoy this as an alternative to the 1-Series BMW and impending 2014 Audi A3. It's suddenly a great time to be an American entry-level luxury car buyer with European proclivities.