Pulling into your driveway after a long day of work can be the most satisfying part of the day. Well, unless your driveway isn't there when you return home.

When Michelle Wright got home from work one night this week, her ah-I'm-home sentiment was dashed away when her car lurched suddenly. Someone had taken the pavers on her driveway while she was gone, so the car fell roughly as it entered the sunken, bare dirt the thieves left behind.


We've heard of cars being stolen from people's driveways, but stealing the driveway? This has to be new.

A witness saw two men taking the pavers and loading them into a flatbed truck, but because there was already construction on Wright's property, he didn't think much of it. Police are on the lookout for the men. One is tall, black, and heavyset and the other is short, white, and skinny. Both are in their 30s and possibly the duo from a new sitcom on NBC.

Photo credit: Shutterstock