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Anyone who's ever watched a lick of NASCAR can appreciate the value of a flame-retardant jumpsuit. It's a practical way to protect pit crews from sparks and spills, and drivers from the inevitable inferno following a massive crash (we're looking at you, most-crashes-ever title holder, Cale Yarborough). Of course, we're assuming that the same decent people who watch racing aren't the same ones who vie for front row seats during Fashion Week. And yet, like it or not, these two worlds are colliding.


[Cue the bad Stefon imitation...] This season, the hottest outfit on the runway is the jumpsuit. Literally and figuratively. Exhibit A: Brad Pitt (Legends of the Fall) sporting a navy blue number to the dismay of GQ editors (they take umbrage with the crotch height). Exhibit B: Givenchy's jumpsuit recently went on sale at Barney's for the rock-bottom price of all of your money.

Here's the thing: we happen to love the jumpsuit, and it can easily be worn out of the garage if it's properly tailored. It preserves body heat in the cooler months, and de-necessitates undergarments in the warmer months. Breathe freely. That's why we've gathered together a small collection of our five favorite coveralls. Some are explicitly designed for racing; others are just well designed. All of them are worth a closer look.

The Club Kid:
RCI Racing Fire Suit
The sheen on this suit is designed to reflect disco lights. Toss on some Kanye sunglasses, wait for the beat to drop, and feel young again. Unless you're the Blue Power Ranger, in which case: get back to fighting Witch Bandora.

The Collector:
Signed Michael Andretti Racing Suit
Sure, at $5,000 you could pick up a decent ride. But for the diehard Formula One fan and Andretti acolyte, this is a rare and wondrous find, indeed. If you're comfortable advertising Havoline and Kmart on your chest, by all means take this suit out for a spin. Just don't expect discounts. (Havoline's already well-priced, amiright?)

The Serviceman:
US Coast Guard Jumpsuit
Everybody loves a man in uniform. In terms of overall appeal and marriageability, the general consensus is that the Coast Guard is the military's answer to the fireman. Which means if there's one thing you can count on when wearing this jumpsuit, it's attention. (Even affection, if properly channeled.)


The Mechanic:
Mechanics Coveralls in Herringbone
Grease monkeys, you're saved. You now inadvertently own "a nice outfit." In fact, if we owned a classic car shop, or put our (non-existent) mechanical prowess to proper use at Ralph Lauren's private car hangar, these are the coveralls we'd choose. And maybe then – just maybe – he'd let us park his 1938 Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic Coupé. (One can dream.)

The Road Warrior:
Flecktarn German Military Coveralls
Supporting anything militaristic from Germany typically triggers an alarm—across the English Channel and the Atlantic. But these coveralls are an entirely guiltless pleasure. This model has enough pockets for all of Prussia, and at size 2XL, there's room to conceal that Bavarian brau gut.


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