We brought world rally champion Petter "Mr. Hollywood" Solberg on to Jalopnik today and it was as fantastic as we'd imagined. Here are the six best things he said.


Which rally driver has/had the biggest balls of all?
Also, would you consider taking Loeb on in WTCC?

Petter Solberg

I know who has the prettiest ones.. And you're talking with him now.

You can tell a Finn, but you can't tell him much

What is your favorite surface to race on, tarmac, gravel, snow?

Petter Solberg

I like Blondes, then Brunnettes... Wait, I'm supposed to be saying something about driving here? Oh well, I like it all.

Muhammad Mu'tasim

Hi Mr Solberg. How do you prepare for such intense rally stages, knowing that each stage is different and a slight miscalculation of turning may lead to serious injury or even death?

Petter Solberg

You're thinking too much man... We just listen to the notes, keep our eyes up, and keep the throttle down.


Does it piss you off when Americans call you "Peter"?

Petter Solberg

I like it better when they say it with two T's as Petter, as the name sounds faster.


I'm useless when I leave the tarmac. Can I have your magical driving powers?

Petter Solberg

No... They're mine.


are you Jesus

Petter Solberg

No, but we are close.

There you go folks. He's a legend.