The four-door M6 is something BMW would have kept a secret until next year, but as usual, the pictures were leaked. So here it is: your 560 hp four-door gran turismo filled with all the power and luxury you will ever need.

Naturally, it pretty much looks like a normal M6, but it's much more practical, because — you know — it has four doors! Great news for the kids, and in order to keep daddy happy as well, the engine is probably the same 4.4-litre V8 which debuted in the M5, with a maximum torque of 501 lb-ft. BMW's smart active rear differential comes quite handy when you want to transfer that much power to the road, especially after you press one of the "M" buttons on the steering wheel.


On the outside, the M6 Gran Coupe gets different mirrors, flared wheel arches to give space for the wider tires and larger alloy wheels, which of course are hiding massive brakes for turning all that kinetic energy into heat. It's a big car, so the roof is made of carbon fibre to keep the central of gravity as low as possible. A manual transmission is not an option, but at least you can personalise the shift speed of the seven-speed automatic, just like the throttle response, stability control program and steering feedback of the upgraded variable-rate and variable-assist hydraulic rig. Yes, it will also do a burnout.