Craigslist has done it again. Now be honest. You know you've harbored a secret (or not-so-secret) Knight Rider fantasy since you first saw that awesome talking Trans-Am back in the '80s. Now, your fantasy can come to fruition, because someone's selling a KITT replica.

Ok, so the one listed here on Craigslist is no Trans-Am. It's got a V6, is 10 years too new, and doesn't include the mandatory bomb sniffer option. But it looks enough like the original 1982 KITT to be almost believable. Look at the aircraft steering wheel and dashboard monitors. Driving this would make anyone think they were David Hasselhoff in a flash.

That's cool and all, but personally, I'd only buy this car if the seller could throw in the flame thrower, tear gas launcher, automatic off-road suspension lift kit, and microwave jammer. You never know when that stuff might come in handy on America's crowded freeways. But even without that stuff, this is a pretty believable KITT, as KITT knockoffs go.

(Hat Tip to Gar-Man!)